Hello and welcome to my website.   I’m a chartered psychologist based in central Bath, offering a range of psychological therapies (including CBT, compassion focused therapy and schema therapy) and integrative psychotherapy for individuals aged 18+.  I also provide relationship therapy for couples and other close relationships.

As a psychologist, I offer research-informed therapy for a wide range of emotional and mental health difficulties, including:

  • anxiety-related difficulties (including generalised anxiety disorder, chronic worry, health anxiety, social anxiety, panic attacks and phobias);
  • trauma (PTSD, complex trauma and difficulties with dissociation);
  • eating disorders and body-related distress;
  • obsessive compulsive disorder (OCD), intrusive thoughts and trichotillomania;
  • depression and low mood;
  • problems with emotion regulation and sense of self (for some people, difficulties of this type may be diagnosed as borderline or emotionally unstable personality disorder);
  • low self-esteem, self criticism and perfectionism;
  • identity-related issues (including issues relating to autism spectrum and other forms of neurodiversity);
  • bipolar disorder;
  • work-related stress and burnout;
  • relationship difficulties; and
  • the long-term effects of emotional abuse, neglect and/or trauma in childhood and adolescence.

You may find though that the difficulties that you’re experiencing don’t fall ‘neatly’ into any of these areas, and that’s not unusual.  I provide a warm and supportive environment in which we can explore whatever is concerning you, no matter how difficult it seems.

Contacting me

If you are interested in exploring whether therapy can help you and whether you would like to work with me, please call or email about arranging an initial session.  My contact details are:  07801 093583 & jhpearse@gmail.com.